1st Championship for PMU in the UK. Winners in Expert category


winners-expert1st Championship for Permanent Makeup in the United Kingdom took place In October 2015.

Our magazine couldn’t pass by such an important event.

We prepared the review of all finalists in 3 categories: Junior,Senior and Expert.

valentina-tecchioCity/CountryVerona, Italy

I have been doing this job for 10 years, and I love it.

I was very happy to win the competition in Birmingham, it was great! There were participants from so many countries; it was very interesting for me to compete with people of different nationalities. I was supported by two of the most important people in my life – my father and my partner.

The competition gave me the opportunity to see and learn so much, as well as meeting with big stars of permanent makeup – it was priceless. During the competition, there were no difficult moments, because when I am working, I am in my own world, the exciting world of eyebrows. I believe that if you want to succeed in PMU, you have to do your work with love, attend various training courses, try to improve every day, and never be complacent.

A daily challenge is in searching for perfect shapes, experimenting, and being creative – I hate monotonous work! I look at the works of great artists, and I try to imitate them; sometimes “a touch of madness” gives a very good result. Every day, every client for me is like a different adventure.

If we talk about great PMU artists, I can say that I admire Ennio Orsini and Tony Belfatto – not just for their innovative techniques, but also because they are really friendly, generous and energetic.




I was born in Venezuela, and moved to Italy when I was only 20, with an empty suitcase, but full of dreams, hopes and determination. I decided to start my career as a makeup artist, and later, in 2008, attended my first course on PMU in Bologna. Before long, I had a chance to travel around Europe, and also visited the Middle East and America. It made me see all the differences between various ethnic groups, especially facial features.

In 2011 I met Toni Belfatto who became my inspiration as well as my teacher. Toni taught me different techniques and secrets, but then left me enough space to find my own way. Tony Belfatto and Ennio Orsini are two artists who I really respect and admire, for many reasons.

I think that PMU helps to bring harmony to the face, but cannot replace makeup. If you want to be a successful artist, you have to be talented, passionate, determined; you need to study a lot, to be humble and never stop developing yourself.

The conference was like a beautiful movie – WONDERFUL, so much energy and optimism in the air,  so much magic, because everyone who works in this field is passionate, full of dreams, and  has a great desire to continue. I have seen so many great artists, and everyone brought the best to the show. I would say that doing this job is like pure oxygen to my lungs. I will never get tired of it, and my priority is to continue developing and learning new things all the time.dora-marcano-pic-3


joanne-leeCountry: United Kingdom

I have my own beauty salon called Beautique Medispa for the last 25 years; about fifteen years ago I had my eyebrows tattooed, and it was a really bad experience. This time around, doing my research I came across Karen Betts. She did my eyebrows, it was wonderful, and I thought that I could do this as well –   and signed up for the training immediately.

I am now proud to be an educator for Karen and a valued member of her Elite team. I independently hold my own permanent makeup clinics in London and around the UK. I feel blessed to have found something that I love doing as a job.

There are some artists whose work is so distinct and clinically impressive it would be foolish to over‐look them. One of them is Karen Betts; she is the person who introduced me to the industry and never ceases to amaze me with her passion and professionalism. I must also mention Nataliya Yermenko, and a fellow colleague Sarah Colton; their work is unique and really creative.

I was really happy to participate in the conference. Katerina did a great job hosting the first UK Championship. I loved getting together with colleagues and watching such talented demonstrations on stage. If I were to suggest an improvement it would be the following: the models should be judged in person as opposed to being judged from a picture; as the lighting grew poor towards the end of the day and I think would not do our work justice. I also think Microblading and Machine should be two separate categories as I think it’s hard to compare them.  This being said, overall the competition was a great success and an enjoyable day. Personally I think we were all winners.


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