1st Championship for PMU in the UK. Winners in Junior category



1st Championship for Permanent Makeup in the United Kingdom took place In October 2015.

Our magazine couldn’t pass by such an important event.

We prepared the review of all finalists in 3 categories: Junior, Senior and Expert.

: Sanok, Poland

I started my PMU career about two years ago (and microblading – about 6 months ago). Microblading is definitely my number one now, if we talk about dermapigmentation.

I believe that to perform a good treatment, it is important to have broad knowledge of permanent makeup as well as products; you also need to be a good psychologist with a high level of self-control. It is essential to constantly develop yourself, your skills, techniques, and get guidance from people who have dedicated themselves to this profession.

The championship is the best way to verify your professional skills. During the Championship the most difficult part for me was to resist the high level of stress. However, the feeling of happiness on models’ faces after treatments was really rewarding. This is one of the best feelings for any artist! I need to say that without my teacher Aleksandra Wasik I would never have won this competition. She is not only a teacher for me – she is „the Mother of my success”.

At the moment the most important thing for me is to focus on my work and do it in the best possible way. In the world of PMU there are a lot of amazing artists, and I’m very happy that I met some of them in Birmingham; artists such as Sviatoslav Otchenash and Rebecca Chung give me a lot of inspiration.


: Thetford, United Kingdom

I am a professional beauty artist; I provide a wide range of treatments. I always enjoyed precise and very detailed work as this let me concentrate on small but very important details.

One year ago I decided to bring one more treatment to my clinic so I had to choose a good school with excellent reputation sufficient to my budget. It wasn’t easy as market is overloaded with offers. Finally, I saved up and chose the second biggest school on the market – and wasn’t disappointed. I have been lucky to have an amazing trainer; she always supported me and believed in me.

As soon as I heard about the first PMU Championship in the UK 2015 I decided to try my luck in Junior Category. It was the first competition I have ever done. The hardest part was to stay calm and concentrate on the work process as we had judges around us asking a lot of questions. The atmosphere was very friendly, and everyone was helping each other. I couldn’t dream of it, but finally I took the second place in the Junior category.

I loved every moment at the competition as I could evaluate myself among 10 best international participants; I got high reviews from the best artists in our industry, met new friends, and picked up new ideas. The main thing I learned was that hard work always pays back, so you should never give up.  It definitely boosted up my confidence, and I would like to do it again.

I would like to especially thank my trainer Susie Bavister.julia-3

olena-oliynykCountry: Ireland

I absolutely love permanent makeup. You are a lucky person if your work is your hobby. I am from Ukraine, but some time ago I moved to Ireland; I wanted to work in the beauty industry, and one day I found a demo video on You Tube showing how to do PMU of eyebrows. I knew straight away that was what I really wanted to do.

I have trained with Amiea in Dublin, Ireland. This 3 day course was very expensive, but there was barely any theory and just a little practice. After this course I was not able to do anything as I didn’t have enough skills and knowledge. After 6 months I attended a training course by Vladlena Sestakova in Latvia – it gave me confidence. My next training with Ksenia Pisanaja gave me lots of practice. Six month later I took part in the First PMU Conference in Ukraine. I was chosen to be one of 10 best PMU artists for the UK Championship. All the participants in the Championship were quite strong competitors, and the hardest thing was probably the waiting process before the competition. I have won the 3rdplace in my category, but haven’t seen other works in person, only pictures.

I am very happy that I have taken part in this Championship; even if I hadn’t won, it still would have been a great experience. I’ve become more confident, I have more clients now. I would like to say massive thank you to Katerina Zapletalova, she did very well organising such a big event. And thank you to all the judges, such great experts in our field.

There are many different artists I respect and admire: Ksenia Pisanaja, Elena Onika, Olga Nesmiyan, Anna Lakstigala (who is also my very good friend). I would like to keep helping people, developing my skills and gaining knowledge.

The best is yet to come!olena-1

NEXT: SENIOR category

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