1st Championship for PMU in the UK. Winners in Senior category


winners-senior1st Championship for Permanent Makeup in the United Kingdom
 took place In October 2015.

Our magazine couldn’t pass by such an important event.

We prepared the review of all finalists in 3 categories: Junior, Senior and Expert.

anna-lakstigalaCity/Country: Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK

I live in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK and offer my services in few salons around West Yorkshire area.

I like being an artist; it gives me a freedom of choice and lifestyle. Permanent makeup is a form of art for me.

My trainings are improving my skills from day to day; they give me enthusiasm and new ideas that I put into practice. I follow my colleagues’ development and growth; their outstanding works motivate me to develop myself. After my basic training 2 years ago, I have attended master classes held by Anna Savina, Tatiana Petraitis, Irina Zakharova, Vitali Klimov, Elena Nicora, and participated in 4 conferences.

There are many international PMU trainers and artists with different experience, and if I start naming them all, it will take forever. I would like to say a great thank you to my first trainer Julia Kolistratova, the owner of Orange Studio. She inspired me and made me believe in myself.

Talking about the conference – I was a bit nervous before our category had started, but then relaxed and concentrated on my model and her eyebrows. It was not difficult for me as I was surrounded with my friends. It was the first PMU Conference and Championship in UK. I was happy to meet my colleagues all over the world and watch others to perform eyebrows. I think that Championship and Conference are very important for our industry development and they should be held every year.  I would like to thank Katerina Zapletalova for hosting and organising this event.


agnieszka-sobieraiskaCity/Country: Stamford, UK

Experience: 3 years

I am a permanent makeup artist living and working in Stamford, UK; I am running a boutique Nail & Permanent Makeup Salon.

In 2012 I attended a Swiss Color basic training course, since then I have completed a number of master classes (2014): Anna Savina ‘Babydoll Lips’, Irina Zakharova ‘Eyebrows’, Tatiana Petraitis ‘Butterfly Eyeliner’, Andrea Tooth ‘Eyeliner’, Katerina Zapletalova ‘Microblading’.

I use a large variety of pigments for my work: Swiss, LI, Biotek; I prefer to work with a Swiss Liner machine. 80% of my treatments are eyebrows. Championships were a great opportunity to meet with my colleagues, exchange views, and learn something new from the industry leaders. The hardest thing was to keep my hands still when being watched by judges and other colleagues.

The list of artists I admire in PMU is huge; there are lots of talented people I get inspiration from.


agnieszka-sobieraiskaCountry: UK

Experience: 3 years

I am Russian, and live in Latvia. 12 years ago I moved England; here I met my husband, and my life changed a lot.

In 2012 I started looking for Semi Permanent Make Up courses as I was dreaming of becoming an artist. Why? I over plucked my own eyebrows and they stopped growing at all. So when I had my eyebrows done I realised how many girls have same problems. I then set up my own business MARUSSIA BEAUTY & PERMANENT MAKEUP.

I absolutely love my job; nothing else can be better than seeing your client’s happy smile after the procedure. I always try to find new ways to develop myself, my skills and techniques. It’s wasn’t an easy decision to attend the 1st international PMU Championship in the UK as there are so many talented artists around. But after my training with Katerina Zapletalova I got more confidence with microblading. She’s so kind and so unbelievably professional! I have also made friends with Anna Lakstigala; we always motivate each other… So we decided to take part in the competition! I’m so happy we did it!  I got the 3rd place in Senior Category at the 1st PMU Championship in UK 2015! I couldn’t believe my ears when they called my name… To be honest, it wasn’t easy – too much stress… But you have to always believe in yourself.  If you want to be successful, you need to be prepared to work long hours, burning the midnight oil. I want to give my special Thank You to Alina Soloveva for the opportunity to publish the stories of the UK Championship Winners in her PMU International magazine!


Stay tuned for a final part of our report.

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