A male perspective on female beauty: Ennio Orsini


My name is Ennio Orsini; I’m an Italian PMU artist. I have been working in the field of PMU since 2000. I am the inventor of the Tricopigmentazione® as well as an innovative technique that helps artists create naturally looking eyebrows for men and women. I am a teacher, too. I give individual and group micropigmentation training courses. I am the CEO in “ORSINI & BELFATTO”, a company that sells products and equipment for micropigmentation.

I am also a writer. My last book is called “Ultrarealistic Eyebrows”; it was translated into 5 languages. I participate in different congresses and conferences, run master classes and workshops in many different countries. My studio is in Italy, in Abruzzo. I have my own academy called Orsini & Belfatto that I manage with my associate Tony Belfatto.

If we talk about my motto, I wouldn’t say I have one – I just have my personal lifestyle. I always ask myself: “Why?” in both my personal and professional life. I hope I will always have enough strength to find the answers…

You can read the full article with Ennio Orsini in PMU International Magazine # 2.

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