A male perspective on female beauty: Moshe Alul

moshe1Hello to all the readers of the PMU International magazine, my name is Moshe Alul. I’m a tattoo artist; I have been practicing tattooing for more than 30 years. I also have been doing permanent makeup, Hair Follicle Simulation, areola procedures and paramedical treatments for the past 12 years all over the world.

I am the owner of NPM International and the head of the Research and Development department, as well as the master instructor at NPM International. I have invented the NPM rollerthat had a really big influence on the industry of Hair Follicle Simulation around the world. I was born in Israel; my working place is located in the suburbs of a beautiful city called Kiryat Motzkin. I have 2 academies in Israel: one is located in the North of the country, the other one is in the center of the country, in Rishon LeZion. Our school offers different types of master classes; they cover all the basics of permanent makeup, from colors and needles, to drawing sketches.

As an artist as well as a trainer, I give master classes in many different countries of the world. My motto is: “Make a difference in people’s lives”, that is my personal and professional goal; I try to be as good as I possibly can no matter what exactly I do.


You can read the full article about Moshe Alul in PMU International Magazine # 2.

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