A male perspective on female beauty: Will Anthony

13Hello everyone! My name is Will Anthony, I am the owner of the Will Anthony® Permanent Cosmetics and Advanced Training Center in Verona, NJ, the USA – and this is the place where I currently practice permanent makeup.

I offer on-site and off-site Advanced Eyeliner and Smoky Lash Enhancement classes. My motto is: stay focused and strive for perfection. For me it is very important to see how much I’ve improved since yesterday – this is how I measure my success.

When I was 16, I used to sweep the floor at a tattoo salon. The idea to try and start tattooing came to me within the next year, so I became a tattoo artist. A few years later, when I was 20, I read an article about permanent makeup in a beauty magazine; it made me realize that I could incorporate traditional tattooing techniques into PMU.

My favorite facial part to work on… I would have to say it is the eyeliner. I specialize in the procedure that I called “a smoky lash enhancement”. 20 years ago resources were limited, the Internet wasn’t the way it is today with Google, YouTube videos and amazingly informative Q&A forums. So, by word of mouth, I found a local trainer who taught me all the basic things regarding PMU. My advice to novice artists would be the following: try to take advantage of all the available resources. Don’t be misled by someone’s bio and credentials, you really have to see their latest before and after photos to estimate their talent accurately. You are only as good as your last procedure.


You can read the full article about Will Anthony in PMU International Magazine # 2.

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