Anti-aging makeup: basic rules

Every woman wants to look beautiful regardless of the birth date indicated in the passport. Alas, it is very difficult to slow down the biological process of aging and stopping or reversing it is definitely impossible. As we grow older, our skin becomes slack, rougher, more transparent as well as fragile; facial contours become less defined.

Therefore, along with anti-aging skincare there is a need for anti-aging makeup. The purpose of anti-aging care is to preserve your skin’s youth and beauty for as long as possible, while the aim of anti-aging makeup is to instantly create a fresh and youthful look. Incidentally, these two factors are connected: if the epidermis is in a satisfactory condition, then any cosmetics looks better on the skin, and it is easier to apply makeup without creating a “mask” effect. Therefore, the skin should be cleaned regularly in order to remove dead cells; it is important to use day and night creams, as well as moisturizing and nourishing masks; in this case it will be possible to make the face with cosmetics on it look very natural.

With regards to anti-aging makeup, there are some simple yet very important rules. These are some of the basic ones:

  1. When makeup is applied, it is important to do it in the vertical direction – this allows creating an effect of lifting;
  2. The texture of the cosmetics selected for anti-aging makeup should be light; the colors should be natural;
  3. It is better to avoid cosmetics with the shining effect which tends to emphasize the imperfections of the skin.

Let’s talk about anti-aging makeup in more detail.

Even facial skin tone

2107Foundations tend to fill in lines, wrinkles and pores, thus making them much more noticeable; they can also create a “mask” effect. There are some rules that can help to avoid this problem:

  1. If the skin is mature, consider applying a base coat; makeup primers help to smooth the skin, make the skin texture softer, and minimize the wrinkles.
  2. Try to avoid foundations with a very dense and thick texture; instead, it is better to choose BB or CC creams, as well as fluids which are going to cover the skin with very light and transparent layers. In addition, you may add shimmer or glitter with a very small size of particles – it will make the skin glow and look really fresh.
  3. Foundations cannot camouflage lentigo or dark circles under the eyes; there are special items that can help the situation, such as correcting concealers. To camouflage brown pigmented areas it is better to use concealers with pink shades; the ones with orange shades will disguise dark circles under the eyes.
  4. There is an opinion that using powder for mature skin is not a very good idea. It is not exactly true. Pressed powder applied with a sponge will only emphasize the imperfections of the skin, whereas loose powder can be applied lightly with a big brush and create a very natural effect.

Blush and contouring

16183837418_1a1edd8950_oCorrectly chosen blush will make the face look younger instantly. To achieve the desired rejuvenating effect, you need to apply blush of natural pinkish and peach shades on the apples of the cheeks. Rich brown and red colors, on the contrary, will visually add a few years and make the face look really tired.

Contouring can help to achieve an effect of lifting. In order to make the facial oval more pronounced, face powder of dark shades should be applied on the areas the size of which needs to be visually reduced (usually so-called “bulldog” cheeks and/or a double chin).

Eye and eyebrow makeup

5w3_enlAs a rule, the first age-related changes start appearing on the area around the eyes. Crow’s feet as well as overhanging upper eyelids will probably make you consider changing your makeup technique.

  1. Makeup primer should be applied before eye shadows or other types of eye cosmetics. It helps to keep makeup in place for hours as well as reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  2. Bright colors and straight bold lines should be avoided. It is better to use a dark grey or brown shade of eyeliner, and gently blend it into the lash line, making the line at the outer edge of the eye go upward.
  3. Eye shadows should also be of natural shades, matte or satin (not shiny). Bright colors are appropriate only in the outer corner of the eye, but not on the whole eyelid area.
  4. Tweezers for eyelashes should be used on a regular basis as they help to shape the eyelashes and make the eyes look more open.
  5. Using lengthening and volume mascaras will help to make the eyes look more beautiful – it is important since the eyelashes get thinner and shorter as we age.
  6. The correct shape of the eyebrows can help to create an effect of lifting on the upper eyelid. In order to do this, it is important to make sure that the outer tip of the eyebrow is on the same level as the inner one, or slightly above. Lines that go downward are not allowed in anti-aging makeup. In general, the eyebrows should be pronounced, but not too sharp or over-emphasized.

Lip makeup

Like most facial features, lips also change with age—their color may lighten or become more irregular, and their overall volume may dip. Fortunately, this can be easily corrected with the use of cosmetics.True-Dimensions-Sheer-3

First of all, a lip liner should be applied around the perimeter of the lips to define the mouth. Dark shades of the lip liner or lipstick will emphasize wrinkles around the mouth and nasolabial folds, whereas beige ones will make lips completely disappear, which is also not a very good idea as it makes the face look older, more tired and pale. Therefore, it is better to choose rich “berry” shades (translucent ones) or colors that are slightly brighter than the natural color of the lips. The shade of lip liner should not be in contrast with the lipstick color. Nowadays there are a lot of translucent silicone-based lip pencils that will not be really noticeable on the lips, at the same time they will prevent lipstick from bleeding. As a final touch, use a bit of lip gloss applied only in the middle of the bottom lip over lipstick – this will help to add more volume to the lips.

For an evening out it is appropriate to choose bright red lipstick in combination with discreet, elegant and natural eye makeup – this will make you look younger.

The most important thing is to remember that the woman is as old as she looks – and feels! Therefore, the secret of eternal youth is quite simple: it is not so much about the makeup you wear, but the way your eyes shine and your lips smile!

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