Application of Scalp Micropigmentation

Today the range of medical hair problems that are not amenable to treatment but can be camouflaged with the replication of hair stubs or strands’ extension. Scalp micropigmentation, or SMP, can address the following cases as the most efficient cosmetic solution:

– Thinning hair density or local balding, when the aim is to produce the appearance of fuller hair, whether the scalp is shaved or not. This target group includes women whose hair loss in not responsive to any hair treatments including minoxidil as hair transplantation is not usually possible for them.

– People whose lifestyle does not permit convenient use of hair concealers or wigs.

– Men with advanced stages of baldness on Norwood Hamilton Scale.

– Autoimmune diseases – the conditions in the body that make immune system battle hair follicles (alopecia areata, alopecia totalis).

– Scars left by scarring alopecia.

– Hair restoration scars, neurosurgical scars, head traumas scars.

– Wide or clearly visible scars from donor areas after strip harvesting, especially for patients who had hair transplantation done in the second half of the XX century.

– Visible punctuate scars from Follicular Unit Extraction.

– Patients who have undergone chemotherapy and failed to regrow hair after treatment.

– Ineffective hair transplantation due to progressive unpredicted hair loss.

– Previous hair transplant surgeries resulting in old pluggy or cornrow hair looks.

There are no strict counter-indications for SMP, however like any dermatological procedure it requires the scalp to be clean with no irritation or skin diseases. Patients with seborrhea should be warned that shedding dead skin cells complicate pigment injection and can cause color changes, thus a trichologist consultation is obligatory prior to the treatment. Special attention should also be paid to the presence of peeling, follicular pustules and the state of the skin in adjacent areas.

The Norwood Scale


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