Areolae repigmentation: risks and complications

Long-term outcomes of the areolae repigmentation are highly adequate. Short procedure time, its simplicity and quick healing process is beneficial for patients. However, certain risks exist, whether the patient chooses to have the areola repigmentation done by a plastic surgeon or a certified tattoo artist. These include areola irregularity after tattooing and incisional scars not taking tattoo pigment well. Breast surgery scar revision can only affect the results of areolae tattooing if the healing from the surgery was not sufficient and the tattooing was performed too soon.

 The survey conducted by the specialists of Division of Plastic Surgery of Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, DC showed the overall success in the treatment results. The patients were observed for mean 25.5 months and 84% of tattoos were rated as satisfactory. As low as 10% of the cases resulted in skin discomfort (infection, rash or slough), and the same amount of tattoos required a touch-up visit for excessive pigment fading. Hypopigmentation showed in 60% of the patients, however 57% of those tattooed claimed the color match with the existing areola. Despite occasional minor complications, the overall patient’s satisfaction with this procedure remains high.

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