Cosmetic Masks: Where to begin?

Face mask is the one of the most effective and affordable ways of face care popular among women all over the world.

Secret of the effectiveness of these agents lies in a concentration of active ingredients, which is higher than in a cream, but lower than in a serum. The active ingredients penetrate the skin faster and deeper and provide instant results.

The most important thing when choosing a mask is the need to focus not on the skin type but its condition at the time. Almost always cleansing mask is especially recommended for oily and combined skin, while hydrating mask is considered more suitable for dry and normal skin. But this is not always justified. Moisturizing mask is suitable for both dry and oily skin, because dehydration is typical for any of these conditions. If your face has dark spots, then you should definitely include clarifying mask. Starting from 35 – 40 years cosmetologists recommend to use pull-up, smoothing masks on a regular basis, or you can use a mask that can solve several problems at once in a complex.

It is important to follow a few rules. Thoroughly clean the face before putting a mask onto it. If you want to use a cleansing mask, it is best to make a pre-peeling: dead cells will not interfere with the active ingredients penetrating the skin, and the effectiveness of care will only rise. Any mask is applied to dry skin.

*Peel-off mask effectively relieves the skin of the keratinized cells, tighten the pores, matte the skin.

*Moisturizing and nourishing masks with cream texture can be used once or twice a week instead of a night cream.

* Cloth masks contain serum with active ingredients which soak deep into the skin. They help to cope with the swelling, moisturize and smooth out wrinkles

* Clay masks must be washed off with warm water, following a wash with cold water for normalization of the lipid balance of the skin.

* Masks can reduce the signs of fatigue, smooth out wrinkles and turn you from a Cinderella into a princess for a few hours. But regular, proper care can help you look great always.

Speaking of clarifying and lifting masks, it is enough to apply them once or twice a week, while a mask with soft moisturizing and nourishing components can be used every other day. Carefully read the instructions and follow the recommendations of manufacturers of cosmetic products.

And another tip: do not be lazy to ask the advice from a professional beautician, who will select the means of care necessary for you.

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