Cristiana Causo: “Love + Passion + Respect = Happiness

polosy-10-06-26-kopiyaCristiana started her career as a successful makeup artist; her experience included working with famous TV presenters, politicians, actresses and top models, as well as collaboration with prestigious stylists and photographers; she was also working in the film industry. Today she is the head of three of their own institutes that specialize in permanent makeup as well as cosmetic and medical dermapigmentation. The institutes are located in Milan, MontecatiniTerme (Tuscany) and Bari, and have already become perfect examples of successful businesses in the industry. Cristiana has collaboration with very well-known in Italy plastic surgeons working in the field of oncology. She is also a speaker at international conferences. In January 2015 she started her new project, the Italian Academy of Permanent Makeup, which she runs with her husband Matteo Perazzi, a well-known permanent makeup trainer and artist.

My name’s Cristiana Causo, and my relationship with permanent makeup began about 20 years ago… After completing a course in The Art School Institute in Pistoia I made a decision to leave Tuscany and move to Milan; I was only 19. I really wanted to know more about makeup, so I decided to attend a very famous (at that time) European school. Six months later I was working for a big international broadcasting company, Mediaset, as well as being the owner of a makeup and hair style agency. My interest for permanent makeup began with working with celebrities and models. I met so many attractive people wearing ugly tattoos; some of the tattoos were showing me how NOT to work – awful results of bad correction work or basic rules being forgotten. Therefore, I decided to attend my first tattooing and permanent makeup two-day course in one of the most famous companies at the time: the LCN.

My mother was my first model – well, probably it is better to say “my first victim”. She was my “guinea pig” on the final exam. She had to go through a procedure of permanent makeup applied on her eyebrows by four different students. It was absolutely terrible! My mom is still suffering from the result of that procedure. The only advantage she could get was reasonably good preparation. Looking back at that time, I can say that it was a good marketing lesson, but not a technical one. We made the best of what we had then. I didn’t get any information about indications/contraindications; absolutely nothing about aesthetic rules. That was the only training course that I attended until last year, so I can call myself a self-taught artist.

The LCN Company changed its name and became “WONDERS”. I have been working with their MT DERM equipment and pigments until 2006.


When I started my career as a dermapigmentologist, only a few people had any information about permanent makeup.Customers had no expectations; they were not able to distinguish a “tribal” eyebrow treatment from a hairstroke technique (actually, it still happens today). There wasn’t any social network as a reference. It was a great opportunity – and a big disadvantage at the same time. There were no comparisons; people weren’t used to taking photos as smartphones didn’t exist at that time.

Professionals in Italy are fond of a natural style, but sometimes it goes down into an artificial one or into a situation where the work is done carelessly. Generally, customers are satisfied with what they are offered, but many of them are not able to see the difference. Laws have been changed in Italy: professionals cannot use anesthetics anymore, so customers have to suffer pain or, as an alternative, they have to buy an anesthetic and apply it by themselves before the treatment. At the beginning we concentrated on the aesthetic section, but as soon as we started to include tattooing and piercing in the list of services, questions of hygiene and health became an issue; but we are not tattoo artists. I spent a lot of time practicing in order to increase the level of my professionalism. Previously any information or news in our field was spread by word of mouth. Nowadays any beginner is exposed to an open confrontation with the colleagues.


I kept on working behind my curtain until I was offered to take a position of a head teacher in a big company, very well-known in our industry; they were asking me to create a special training course they needed. The name of this company is Biotek.

Using all my knowledge and experience, I tried to invent the most realistic techniques, spending eight years to develop a project that would be satisfactory at both national and international levels…

You can read the full article with Cristiana Causo in PMU International Magazine # 3.

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