Event Report: International Assembly of Permanent Make-up Artists 2017

The International Assembly of Permanent Make-up and Microblading Artists was held March 17-19 in Moscow. In 2017 the largest professional event in Russia had a double anniversary: the 20th anniversary of the professional congress and the 15th anniversary of the world’s first professional permanent make-up championship.

This year the Assembly can rightly be considered International, as speakers and artists of permanent makeup from 30 countries of the CIS, Europe, South America and the USA took part in it. The largest delegation of permanent makeup artists came to Moscow from Brazil, which Pigment Brasil magazine has united into a single team. For the first time the artists of permanent makeup from Romania and Portugal participated in the Assembly. The artists of Belarus visited the Assembly for the second time, and this year they arrived with an expanded staff. Moscow has become a meeting place for permanent makeup specialists from Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Finland, Germany, Egypt.

The Assembly was visited by a large group of artists from Brazil

About 20 companies were represented at the professional exhibition within the framework of the Assembly, which held master classes and drawings of gifts at their stands. There were: permanent makeup academy Biotek-Russia, the permanent makeup center Ultra, the Lash & Brow academy, the Inga Babitsky school-studio, the Soling company, the Larisa Mozarina’s training center, the permanent makeup center Eyes-N-Lips, Marina Miskaryan’s school, SOLO Permanent Makeup Academy, Tattooage, Tori, Lorelei, Gagliash, POSH Cosmetics, K-Vision and Brarus-Cosmetics.

One minute before the opening of the Assembly

Innovations in 2016 in the program of the Assembly were supported by the participants, and moved to a higher level:

  • Permanent makeup artists could choose the format of work in the Assembly as an audience member or participant.
  • Participants and audience members of the Assembly were communicating online and in the WhatsApp-chat with speakers starting from September 2016, which allowed them to begin training long before the official start of the event.
  • A professional exhibition within the framework of the Assembly expanded the range of special offers from exhibiting companies and open master classes on the stage of the exhibition grounds.
  • Four rounds of the II Open European Championships for permanent makeup and microblading were held simultaneously with the Assembly: Selection round in the central federal district, finals, team competitions and the “Champions Cup” for the winners of the Eyelid Contour contest of different years.

 Scientific program of the Assembly

During three days, 37 speakers from Russia, Belarus, Brazil, Hong Kong, Israel, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Estonia, and Switzerland delivered reports and master classes to the six thematic sections of the scientific program of the Assembly.

17th of March

The sections “Permanent make-up as a business” and “New in permanent make-up” were held.

Yevgenia Aytas made a report on the international standards of the profession of the artist of PMU.

Beso Huhashvili shared his experience and told about the “secret” marketing techniques in the report on the positive impressions of the client.

Of great interest was the presentation by Vladimir Stimkovsky about permanent makeup with the “Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights” point of view.

Moderators of the Assembly Anna Savina and Lalita Kalinina shared their recommendations on the creation of a professional team.

Larisa Mozarina inspired the audience for a new round of development – the organization of training as a new opportunity for the professional growth of an artist in the business of the PMU.

Inga Babitskaya came up with a theme that, with the development of the market, is becoming more pressing – “Fakes in the Permanent Makeup Market”.

Vikki Chan presented the author master-class on the gradient technique of lips: Asian style.

Elena Osipova and Sabina Akritidi in their reports told about the novelties of Swiss Color, the platinum sponsor of the Assembly. Their colleague Olga Kim conducted a master class on her author techniques in microblading 6D Ultra Line and Soft Slide.

The first day of the program of the Assembly ended with a secret master class, which was presented by Anna Savina and Sviatoslav Otchenash.

Anna Savina & Julia Chebotareva

18th of March

In the section “Permanent make-up for men” Robledo Girelli Donida told the public about 15 basic steps to build a sketch for the PM eyebrows in men.

Of great interest was the report of Ina Bennoun on dermopigmentation in men.

Anna Zabolotnaya, Director of the Permanent Makeup Academy “Biotek-Russia”, the official partner of the Assembly, made a presentation “Visage for Men”.

Section “Visage effects in PM” was distinguished by an active live dialogue of speakers on the stage with each other and with the audience in the hall. The work began with a bright secret master class by Anna Savina and makeup artist Andrey Loos. Together they often “came to the rescue” of the famous extreme photographer Olga Michi. This time, acting as a model, the heroine of the cover of the 7th issue of the magazine “Pigment” told how the PM helps her with an active lifestyle.

The report on Microblading topic “Technique Slide&Tap” was made by Irina Levchuk, president of Lash & Brow Academy by Irina Levchuk, the gold sponsor of the Assembly.

Anna Zabolotnaya presented a master class on PM eyebrows in the author’s technique “Kolosok”.

Elena Pavlova made a presentation on the wedding permanent makeup.

The second day ended with a master class from Tatiana Petraitis “Smoky-eyes for every day.”

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19th of March

The third day of the Assembly was opened by the section “Anti-aging technologies in PM”.

Lu Rodrigues shared the secrets of performing permanent makeup on breast stretch marks.

Viktoria Tomashivskaya made a presentation on “Pigmentation in permanent make-up”, while Natalya Egorova told about her own experience of combining the Dry Needle technique with injections.

Elena Olshanskaya‘s report was devoted to the work of the PM artist with the top 1/3 of facial area.

Yulia Chebotaryova‘s master class on combined work with the perioral zone: “PM and the application of fillers and botulinum toxins” was held with great interest from the participants of the Assembly.

Michel Pfulg told about the possibilities of cooperation between a plastic surgeon and an artist of the PM.

The sixth section “Complications in the PM” touched on almost all the “acute” questions that every artist sometimes has.

Marika Huhashvili shared her experience of overlapping the low-quality PM. Elena Yezerskaya continued the topic as an artist of microblading.

Inga Khromenko told about the technique of color filters in the overlap of an unsuccessful PM.

Mayya Timchenko introduced a safe alternative to microblading – the nanotechnology of Amiea, the sponsor of the Assembly.

Inna Skovorodnikova as an ophthalmologist in her report spoke about all the possible consequences and ophthalmic injuries that a PM artist can inflict. Silvia Dobrowolska and Sylwia Nawrot reflected in their report the specifics of working with the “wine spots”.

Anna Iva devoted her report to psychosomatics as a modern complication in PM procedures.

André Borring spoke about the possibilities of low-intensity laser therapy after laser removal of PM.

Vitaliy Mikryukov shared his practical experience and explained how the skin feels after laser removal and what features of working with it artist need to remember.

From left to right: Alina Soloveva, Mayya Timchenko, Miroslava Goditskaya, Elena Nikora, Anna Fedyanina.

Competition program

As a part of the Assembly, an opened qualifying round for the Central Federal District, the finale of the II Open European Championship for permanent makeup and microblasting, team competitions and the “Champions’ Cup” for the winners of the Contour of the Eyelid of different years were held. The record number of participants – 50 artists of PM and microblading announced about their participation in the opened qualifying round. As in the past year, there was a division in terms of experience: masters – experience from 1 to 5 years, pros – 5 years an more.

Hard work of the judges – Anya Zabolotnaya, Elena Nikora, Marika and Inga Babitskaya

“Permanent Make-up – Professional” finalists:

Daria Pavlovskaya (Kaluga, Russia),

Natalia Shukurova (Murmansk, Russia),

Anna Kopaneva (Saratov, Russia),

Natalya Udovichenko (Moscow, Russia).

“Permanent make-up – Masters” finalists:

Ekaterina Leonova (Tallinn, Estonia),

Rimma Naryshkina (Ufa, Russia),

Alevtina Hyvonen (Vantaa, Finland).

“Microblading – Masters” finalists:

Anna Druzhinina (Moscow, Russia),

Talita Valente (Maringa Parana, Brazil),

Josefa Cilene Morais dos Santos Lazarin (Maringa Parana, Brazil),

Talita Coutinho (Vila Velha, Brazil).

Ina Bennoun not only acted as a speaker, but also was a member of the group of judges of the team competition

In the finale, artists of all categories worked on models: the pros performed a permanent makeup of the eyelids using several colors of pigments with additional rendering of eyebrows and lips; Masters – permanent makeup of eyebrows in the hair strokes techniques with a natural weave and with bright patches of light. Awarding of the winners took place at the gala dinner.

“Permanent Make-up – Professional”

1st place – Natalia Shukurova (Murmansk, Russia)

2nd place – Alena Pestova (Kazan, Russia)

3rd place – Natalia Udovichenko (Moscow, Russia)

Permanent makeupMasters

1st place – Alevtina Hyvonen (Vantaa, Finland)

2nd place – Ekaterina Leonova (Tallinn, Estonia)

3rd place – Raquel Fernandes (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

“Microblading – Masters”

1st place – Talita Valente (Maringa Parana, Brazil)

2nd place – Helena Moreira (São Paulo, Brazil)

3rd place – Anna Druzhinina (Moscow, Russia)

“Cup of Champions” in the framework of the Open Tour of the Championship took place on the third and final day of the Assembly. It was possible to collect on one site almost all the winners of the national contest of permanent makeup “Contour of the Eyelid” for all the years of its holding. The competition task was the execution of PM eyebrows in the author’s technique. Visitors of the exhibition and participants of the Assembly had a unique opportunity to see simultaneously master classes from champions of past years and 2017: Anna Zabolotnaya, Irina Galinskaya, Elena Pavlova, Ekaterina Rusina, Ekaterina Petrova, Julia Kulesh, Julia Ulyanova, Elena Fedoseeva, Natalia Shukurova, Alevtina Hyvonen , Talita Valente.

The first competition of teams of PMU artists took place in 2016. Then 3 teams from Russia, Belarus and Serbia took part in it. This year, the national standards of beauty were presented in the competition works and video presentations of 11 teams! Of these, 4 teams from Brazil, 2 teams from Belarus “Charovnitsy” and “Belorusochka”, a team of artists from Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), the team Permanent Expert (Kazan), the team “Beauty” (Krasnodar), the team Prima.pm (Barnaul), a team of artists of the Learning Center of Larisa Mozarina (Moscow).

1st place – team Permanent Expert (Kazan);

2nd place – team “Belorusochki” (Belarus)

3rd place – team “Krasota” (Krasnodar)

3rd place – the team of the Learning Center of Larisa Mozarina (Moscow)

3rd place – team Prima.pm (Barnaul)

The main goal of the International Assembly of Permanent Makeup Artists is to raise the qualitative level of knowledge and skill of an individual specialist in order to strengthen the image of the profession and the sphere of permanent makeup in general. Join, become the best in the profession of permanent makeup artist!

Organizers: OECD, Pigment magazine

Official partner: Academy of permanent make-up Biotek-Russia.

Platinum Sponsor: Swiss Color

Gold sponsor: Lash & Brow Design Academy

Sponsors: Inga Babitsky’s School PreobrazhaYOU, Amiea Soling

Technical Sponsor: Lorelea Company

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