“Eyebrows: pros and cons of the shading technique” by Victoria Tomashivskaya

head_victoriaThe thing that makes me excited (and something that I would call one of my weaknesses) is a beautiful, perfect curve of thick eyebrows, or, to be more precise – the eyebrows that only seem thick. Gorgeous Coco Chanel always emphasized the importance of eyebrows; she believed that they “make” the woman’s face. Any permanent makeup specialist will agree with this statement as beautiful and nicely shaped eyebrows are the main component of makeup. All the things that create our look somehow help us express our personality in many different ways – so why the eyebrows should be an exception? The line of the eyebrows should be in harmony with the size and shape of the eyes and the mouth, as well as the facial outline. A proportional shape of the eyebrows, as well as their color and density, indicates the balance between emotions, mind and personality. However, not every woman has naturally harmonious appearance and classically beautiful facial features. Permanent makeup is like a wizard that can create miracles: it is possible to choose any shape of eyebrows, and this is not a fairy tale.

Creating beautiful eyebrows is real art.

For example, thick and wide eyebrows have been in trend for a few seasons; this type of eyebrow shapes enhances a facial contour, makes the outline of the face more pronounced visually, and also adds a lot of emphasis to the eyes. Moreover, in this case the eyebrows themselves look much more natural and beautiful than ultra-thin, over-plucked eyebrows. However, it is not very sensible to apply permanent makeup according to the latest trends – even if your client is really keen on this idea.

Eyebrows can be wide or thin – in fact, a lot depends on the client’s facial features, since they can be pronounced (e.g. a strong jaw, a big nose, full lips etc.), or rather delicate. To select the right color and shape, it is essential to consider all the individual characteristics as well as the wishes of the client. An eyebrow line that is too wide, or a very thin dark line in combination with fair hair – both variants can look equally unattractive and artificial. If an eyebrow line is too thin, the face can lose all its charm and attractiveness. In sum, I stand by natural looks.

Using the shading technique, it is possible to create eyebrows that will look absolutely natural.   

Permanent makeup applied with the use of the shading technique is considered universal, because it allows an artist to solve several tasks: to correct the natural shape of the eyebrows; to choose the right color with the maximum accuracy; to disguise various imperfections, etc.

You can read the full article in PMU International Magazine # 2.

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