“Harmony of the lips” by Diana Gulan

“The procedure on lips was always difficult for many artists around the world. This time I will take you to Romania to visit Diana Gulan.”

Interview by Sharon Vann


First of all, a few things about Diana, that you might be interested in:

– Diana is the International trainer and distributor Nouveau Contour in Romania and also a Certified Pigment Removal Specialist;

– Diana Gulan has more than 16 years of experience in Permanent Makeup; she now owns the Permanent Makeup and Microblading Academy;

– Diana Gulan – Awarded Esthetician of the Year 2011 – Les Nouvelles Esthetiques;

– Regular Publicist for Journal of Esthetic Magazine, Les Professionelles Magazine and  makeup Magazine;

– Diana also works as a permanent Consultant for Gral Medical clinics and hospitals in collaboration with plastic surgeons and dermatologists concerning medical micropigmentation;

– As a trainer in micropigmentation she had over 1500 students.

Diana Gulan – performed as a speaker at the Permanent Make Up World Conference in Amsterdam in November 2015, demonstrating her own lips micropigmentation technique “Harmony of the Lips”, which development took one and a half years.


Dearest Diana, let us start this interview with question about your equipment. So, what kind of machine do you use?

I use the Intelligent of Nouveau Contour.

What needle do you use? Are you changing the needles during the procedure? Can you tell as some details about specifics of working in “Harmony of the Lips”?

Needles utilized for Harmony of the Lips Technique : 3 power, 5/9 magnum, 1 liner and yes, I do change during the procedure according to the area treated. Angle to be kept along the entire procedure is 45 degrees.

As for a movement directions, I do:

– straight line – one way along the lip line for the lip contour, in order to accurately describe and  fix the lip liner

– up/down motion in order to increase the thickness of the lip line and used also for the lips corners as well as for filling up the lips with color/pigment.

Angle I am using most of the time is 45 degrees. It is not easy to follow this rule up, over all the lips zones but in this way I am getting a better pigment insertion.

At the end of the “Harmony of the Lips” technique I am using the needle 1 liner in order to finally finish/fine tuning of the outer lip contour by making, I personally gave it a name, a “Photoshop Line”, this line having a direct connection with the final look of the lips and by no means with the Photoshop use as a software program.


What pigments do you use – Organic or Inorganic?

I have worked for many years with inorganic pigments, but I have to admit that I am fascinated by the organic pigments which are more shining and having a better retention. The lips genuinely have an unsuitable undertone so most of the time I use correctors in order to adjust the existing undertone

I always prepare two shades: one darker shade and one lighter shade. The lighter shade/pigment should be mixed with a certain amount of the darker pigment. I never forget the correctors. The darker shade is to be used for the lip line, lips corners and in certain cases on the certain lip areas having an exaggerated and unsuitable volume. The lighter shade is to be used on the certain lips zones where I do want volume and I want the light to be absorbed. The most difficult part is to combine the two shades in order to have a smooth color gradient in the end.

How do you numb?

I am using creamy anesthetic before the procedure and a gel anesthetic along the procedure.

What kind of aftercare do you recommend?

– I recommend using a simple aftercare with no additional substances (vitamins, etc.). I consider it a lip “barrier” against what come from outside: water, saliva, tooth paste, etc.

When do you do second touch-up?

– I consider that the most suitable touch-up should be made after 3 months, but in real life it is difficult to keep the client clam such a long period of time and I am obliged to make it after 8 weeks. The third meeting with the client takes place after 12 months since the day of the touch-up, and I named it “refresh”

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