How to create perfect red lips: Elena Nikora


Red lip makeup has long been a massive hit in the beauty industry. Traditionally, red lipstick is considered more appropriate for evening makeup; during the day it may look quite provocative and even a bit vulgar, as daily makeup is supposed to create a natural, polished appearance. Nevertheless, a vibrant red mouth is beauty’s equivalent of the little black dress—it is classic, yet current, and never fails to look absolutely amazing; it will always be popular, despite all the fickle whims of fashion. That is why so many girls all over the world desire to get permanent lip makeup applied, so their lips always look bright and attractive. But is it such a good idea, to always wear red?

Permanent makeup is NOT a lipstick.


It is very difficult to achieve pure, solid red color as a desired result of permanent lip makeup; in my opinion, it is not necessary at all. Whether a woman goes to sleep or wakes up – permanent makeup stays on her face all the time. The question is whether a man will want to see his beloved woman with the same bright red lips, night and day, day and night. He might one day ask her to remove this aggressive color so he can see her natural pink lips, and then what? Unfortunately, it will not be very easy to get rid of the red color.

However, different clients have different requests; in the end, everybody wants to get very beautiful, sexy lips as a result. Very often girls ask for so-called “baby lip color” which looks very natural yet bright. In fact, babies have a lot of different tones of the lip color, and all the shades are very rich. This is the secret that I try to use when applying permanent lip makeup – the red color should not be too bright, but rich enough.

You can read the full article with Elena Nikora in PMU International Magazine # 2.

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