How to create perfect red lips: Tünde Méhn

tunde_mehn_2Permanent makeup artist and aesthetician with over 8 years of experience, based in Hungary, organizing international training courses since 2013. Tünde always had an affection towards aesthetics, at first she just wanted to fine solutions for her own cosmetic problems. Before long, she found a ‘higher calling’ in PMU as her profession.

Ever since then, her mission is to create new permanent makeup techniques, then bringing them to perfection and passing them over to the talented colleagues.

For those, who I can recommend permanent lips to:

  • To clients, whose lips are naturally very thin, asymmetric, or very pale and dim.
  • For middle aged or older people, by choosing a vivid and fresh pigment colour, then we can create a rejuvenating effect, making the whole face look a lot younger.
  • To those clients that had herpes on their lips for several times previously. In such cases the natural vermillion border gets blended into the skin and the lips loose their original sharp edges.
  • People, who like to wear lipstick very frequently and/or strongly. This is a very durable choice for them, since it never smudges.


You can read the full article about Tünde Méhn in PMU International Magazine # 2.

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