Interview with “Dutch Fantastic Four”

PMU International Magazine is proud present to you this exclusive interview with 4 Dutch PMU artists who literally changed permanent makeup industry in Netherlands!


Back in the year 2013, we set up a group of PMU specialists driven by pure passion for the branch. We wanted to do something outstanding that would upgrade our experience and skills; we came to a conclusion that we had to invite some foreign specialists. As we continually kept seeing positive effects on our work because of these master classes, we decided that this information, taught by the specialists, was ought to be shared throughout our Dutch PMU-society.

Since we have been organizing a decent amount of master classes so far, we’d like to continue spreading the tips and tricks to raise the level of the PMU society in the Netherlands. What we have achieved so far as a group would not be possible without the help of our beloved foreign artists. Our appreciation for these people is truly infinite: Alina Soloveva (2013), Nataliya Yeremenko (2014), Branko Babic (2014), Vicky Martin (2015) and Alexander Sivak (2015). Furthermore, as already mentioned, we’d love to continue spreading branch based experience; therefore, we are honored to announce the upcoming master classes by Natalia Smirnova (November 2015) and Tünde Mehn (February 2016).

It’s a beautiful thing when career and passion fuse together!

Yours sincerely,

Tina van Hese, Ilona van der Sande, Esther Lemmens and Dianne Kremers

Dutch PMU-Squad

PMU International Magazine: How many permanent makeup artists work in your city? How big is the competition?

Dianne: We all live in small / medium size villages. In our area the competition is not very high as there are only a few PMU artists around. We all have very high qualified and well-known professional companies. Clients and colleagues from all around the Netherlands and Belgium know their way to our companies to attend classes or to have beautiful permanent makeup. A fully booked schedule with a waiting list is very normal for us. Tina and I work and give private lessons from our own locations. Ilona and Esther are also working at their own locations, but also in other places across Belgium and the Netherlands. Esther goes a little bit further away and works in a private clinic in Dubai (United Arabic Emirates), Dusseldorf (Germany) and some places in Belgium and the Netherlands.

We found out that the competition is greater in bigger places but we have no concerns about that. Every specialist has his or her own type of clients and we are incredibly busy, it keeps us sharp and alive having some nice colleagues!

PMU International Magazine: Did permanent makeup become more popular in Netherlands in recent years, or was it always a demanded type of procedure?

Tina: Permanent makeup exists for a long time and it always was popular. But in the past 4 years it became more and more popular because of new techniques and artists whom we brought to the Netherlands.

PMU International Magazine: In different countries permanent makeup belongs to particular kind of procedures, for example to medical, cosmetic etc. What is a general and legal status of permanent makeup in Netherlands? Are there any licenses needed to practice it?

Ilona: Yes, there are mandatory rules and inspections. Every 3 years there is an official hygienic inspection after which the specialist receives a license in case of success.

PMU International Magazine: Is it hard to establish your own business in your country? What is the hardest part?

Esther: The first few years are always difficult. It takes time to build up your company. During that period, only 1 thing works: make beautiful, outstanding work in new techniques. The hardest part is never giving up, especially the first 2 years. It took us blood, sweat and tears, but now we see that we are well-known and people are interested in our opinion and they often ask us for tips and tricks in permanent makeup. That feels incredibly good!

PMU International Magazine: What Brand of pigments and equipment do you prefer and why did you choose it?

Tina: We used and tried almost every brand. Since we are also instructors, we need to tell our students our experience with equipment and pigments. We use a lot of LI pigments, Labina, ConturColor, Long-Time-Liner, Swiss Color. For machines we use Ecuri Cosmetics, Nouveau Contour, Cheyenne, NPM and Pure Beau from Germany.

PMU International Magazine: Are there any client specifics in Netherlands? What is the most common facial area for PMU procedure?

Ilona: Eyebrows are most popular, followed directly by eyeliners. Full lips treatment isn’t that well-known, but we decided to specialize more in lip treatments and now we might say that Netherlands and Belgium are the highest regions of quality for full lip blush treatments.

PMU International Magazine: Who was the 1st to come up with the idea of inviting internationally known artists for master classes in your country?

Dianne: In fact we all did because we found the level of permanent makeup academy’s in the Netherlands not high enough. We saw beautiful works from Russia, Germany, Estonia and USA. It was just a small thought to invite our first master Alina Soloveva to come to the Netherlands, but it soon became a tsunami of attention and enthusiasm from our colleagues and thus a big success!

PMU International Magazine: How hard is it to organize such event? What recommendations can you give in this matter?

Esther: Actually it is quite easy to organize such an event. We all have our own qualities and we all have our own activities and tasks in these organization. Dianne for example is really social and frequently makes the first contact with the master specialist and students. Tina and Ilona take care of the location and working stuff and I normally takes care of the schedule, contact with students and finances. It perfectly matches together. We are the fantastic 4!

A recommendation is that it is a lot of work and you need to organize it very well. Keep on talking with the master and students and make productive appointments to discuss finances and schedules. And very important: have fun! Keep in contact and keep on making friends, because one time you will definitely need each other again.

PMU International Magazine: Which PMU artist’s work inspired you?

Tina: First master to be invited was Alina Soloveva in 2013, because of her perfectly shaped eyebrows and tiny hair strokes. Our dream came true. We were so inexperienced, but we learned much from her. She is truly an amazing, hard working artist and lovely person. We still have very close contact with her. After that, we invited Nataliya Yeremenko (2014), Branko Babic (2014), Raffaele Gargiulo (2015), Alexander Sivak (2015), Vicky Martin (2015), Natalia Smirnova (2015). All of them inspire us and they all have their own beautiful and personal techniques. We are really looking forward to arrival of Tunde Mehn in February 2016 and we are in negotiations with Alan Spadone.

PMU International Magazine: In what countries you’ve been teaching PMU?

Dianne: We teach in the Netherland and Belgium, but we are pushing our borders literally and we are definitely going to teach in other countries soon.

PMU International Magazine: What PMU techniques are most commonly used in Netherlands?

Esther: For eyebrows it is the hair stroke technique – the most common one. We also work with 3D hair strokes in combination with a lovely Shadow or just 3D shadow only sometimes.

For eyes it is still common to make a straight line with a nice tail or just a smooth round end only with one color. The butterfly-eyes technique with several colors or blush on the cheekbones isn’t well-known or wanted yet in Western Europe, but Tina will offer this separate technique soon. She will be the first in the Netherlands making those butterfly-eyes and cheekbone blush!

For lips we use a 3D shadow technique with just one color or more colors to make a beautiful shadow.

PMU International Magazine: Are there any particular PMU trends in your country?

Ilona: Yes, for example the fine 3D hair stroke technique became a new trend and we are so pleased to see that a lot of our colleagues follow that trend and follow our master classes. We are really proud of that and it brings us joy, passion, beautiful new foreign friends and contacts.

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