Jody Lea: «I’m a perfectionist, that’s for sure!»

22Jody  was the first Canadian PMU artist to offer the most current and successful semi-permanent makeup techniques to the Calgary market by establishing Cinnamon Girl Clinic in 2007.A graduate of Kolorsource, Permanently Perfect and Bio Touch Institute, Jody is well-known as a leading practitioner and is a frequent presenter at association events across North America. Jody is widely recognized for advances in hair stroke technique for brows and medical tattooing solutions including cleft lip and alopecia.

– OK, we’ll be very quick with this. Thanks for your time. First question is: how long have you been in permanent make up?

– I’ve been doing permanent make-up for seven years, prior to that I was a makeup artist for eighteen years.

– And where did you do that work?

– I had my own business, it was called «Cinnamon Girl». I was a freelance makeup artist, working for many different companies including «Estee Lauder» and «Chanel» where I was a resident makeup artist. My last role in makeup was with a German company called «La Biostetique» where I worked both in Europe and Canada.


– What is your favourite thing about PMU?

– It’s definitely changing people for the better. In my opinion, what permanent makeup can do for people is like no other “thing” can do for them, neither makeup, norsurgery orlaser. When I was a makeup artist I always thought “If only I could extend the result and increase confidence of these women.”

You can read the full article about Jody Lea in PMU International Magazine # 2.

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