Lanette Marie Scherr: The Most Unusual Permanent Makeup Application

Lanette Marie Scherr

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Miami, Florida

Over the years of performing thousands of procedures my love for the disfigurement cases and medical procedures has become my passion. Due to that I have had some very interesting cases come my way over the last ten years including some clients that were in the process of transgendering. I didn’t know much about it at the time, as it was way before the media circus created by the transition of Bruce Jenner in the USA, but these wonderful clients have made me realize so many things, particularly how most of us in this lifetime take their inherent sexuality for granted. Despite one’s values, religious views etc. one can definitely appreciate the art that can be created through our field and our hands, to help these people feel like what the rest of us feel without second thought.

My first transgender patient came to me from one of the many plastic surgeons that I work with in Miami Florida. He was sent to me for what I thought was failed gynecomastia surgery. Well that was partly true, but he was removing the breasts due to becoming what is termed FTM or Female to Male. I did three dimensional areolas and nipples on him and he was so thrilled with the results, that he called me 3 weeks later and told me that he was transgendering from female to male, and asked if I would tattoo the phalloplasty to look more realistic. Well I got an education in a lightning speed hurry, as I didn’t even know what a phalloplasty was.

A phalloplasty is a penis or phallus created from either flank or arm tissue; it is a procedure with almost 100% complication rate. What these people go through with surgeries, a lot of pain and many dollars, is truly amazing – all for what most of us take for granted.

Here are a few of the cases that I did early on when I was asked to do so. I had never done one but I didn’t know why I couldn’t. I am an artist so after going through a few playgirl magazines I was ready to go. This is not funny or a joke, these are people that’s only wish is to look and feel like they say they are on the inside. They have all told me the same story. They knew between 6-8 years old that something was not quite right. It is very rewarding to be included in such interesting work and be entrusted with such a delicate task.

This was the very first case I ever did on a FTM transgender. Subtle shading, veins and texture were created to look more realistic. This took two procedures eight weeks apart. The procedure is extremely painful so the clients get prescript medications from their doctors and have a ride home after. The client was thrilled. After this I started getting referrals from the private transgender blogs all over Europe.

This was the same patient 6 years post original three dimensional areola procedure.  It held up very well.

Above are before, immediately after (in the center) and healed result photos; it took two procedures. Note all the shading and what was done in the center photo. The whole idea here was to create subtle color and variation that will not look like it was tattooed.

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