Makeup basics (Part 1)

Every makeup artist wants their works to look good and fit their clients’ style and appearance. That is just as true for permanent makeup artists whose creation is going to stay much longer than overnight. To ensure the highest esthetic outcome of your work, here are some tips for you.

First of all, you need to assess your client’s color type. There are hues that look great in the palette and there are hues that looked great on that one girl who was your last week’s client. Nevertheless, the attraction of these hues is not universal and not only tastes differ, but people also differ in the color of their eyes, hair and skin undertone. That means you will have to take all of the above into consideration when applying pigment that is going to stay not just for one, but for many dates, work meetings, wild beach parties and what not.

If you believe that this knowledge is worth getting, take a look at the four color types. The main ones are Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Of course, there are less pronounced types such as Warm Winter or Deep Autumn, Soft Autumn, etc. Still, here we will talk about the basic four types.

The four seasons reflect the possible combinations of skin, eyes and hair undertone (warm or cool) and the light or dark hues in your overall appearance, especially hair. In order to estimate your color type correctly, you should only take into account the natural, not dyed hair and bare skin without any foundation or tan.


Spring type has warm undertone and clear, fair complexion. A person of this tone blushes easily and their cheeks turn peachy rather than pinky with cool bluish undertone. Freckles are common, most often of golden color. Skin color can be creamy ivory, peach beige or golden beige.

Hair colors are pretty fair too, almost all hues of blond fit into this category: flaxen blond, honey blond, strawberry blond, caramel and champagne. Red undertone is also frequent, and red hair can be added to the list.

“Spring” people usually have clear blue eyes, sometimes green, light brown or warm hazel.

The best colors for the Spring type will be very similar to those of Autumn as both types have warm undertones. Chocolate brown, deep and intense violet, olive and cornflower blue will make the best eyeliner for this type.

Coral, apricot peachy colors will look great on “Spring” lips as well as cherry blossom pink and brink pink. For those who do not mind a brighter look poppy red will be the perfect choice.

As for the blusher, peach or almond hues will be the right choice.


Summer type has cool and light natural coloring. Rosy hues are all very common in their skin undertone. The skin can be pink, ivory, pale beige. When blushing, “Summer” people’s cheeks turn rosy or pinky, not peachy as the Spring’s. Overall, there is a low/moderate contrast between skin and hair.

As for the hair, people with Summer color type are often blond, however all shades up to medium brown are present in this category and the undertones and ashy and cool.

Eyes are blue, green or sometimes of aqua color (changing from blue to green depending on the outfit), grey-blue and grey-brown are also common.

The best eyeliner for the Summer type will be grape, dark graphite, chocolate brown, silver smoke and deep violet.

As for the lips, a lot of varieties are possible, starting from a very easy nude pink to charm pink, bright and a slightly pink red as cherry, burgundy for the Deep Summer and dusty rose.

The following blusher hues will suit the Summers: cherry blossom pink and wild rose.

Part 2

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