Makeup basics (Part 2)

The previous article touched upon the basic notion of the color types and gave the characteristic of the first two types – spring and summer.

Part 2 of this article will define the other two types – autumn and winter and give the recommendation on the color palette that can be used in regular or permanent makeup on people of these types.


“Autumn” people have vivid, bright and warm look, their skin being of golden undertone. Skin hues may vary from beige to peach to dark beige and golden brown and overall there is low contrast between skin and hair.

The hair color palette of this type is rich and intense. Red, coppery brown, Chestnut brown and other chocolaty shades, dark chocolate included, are the calling card of “Autumn” people. Golden or red undertones prevail.

Eye shades include anything from dark and golden brown to hazel, green, golden green and olive green. Red haired “Autumn” can sometimes have turquoise eye color.

The best eyeliner for this type is matt brown, deep and intense violet and deep forest green.

Lips palette is temperate, with no sudden color outbursts. For a neutral look coral peach color would fit perfectly, or a peachy color that is more on the orange side, however copper hues will be more suitable for a brighter, not neutral look. Deeper, warmer colors will also look well – “Autumns” should try terracotta hues.

As for the blusher, warm, peachy, almond hues will shade the “Autumns” best.


As cold as winter itself, “Winter” people have cool undertone. The shades in their appearance are bright, vivid and intense, with high contrast between skin and hair. The skin palette is various in this type, including very white or white with slight pink tones, to gray beige or brown, almond, cocoa, mahogany, ebony and black with bluish undertones.

“Winter” hair is very dark, with ashy, cool hues: dark brown and black (blue black, jet black, brown black).

Eye color palette is broad and various: dark brown and black eyes are just as common as dark blue, gray-blue, gray-green ones.

The best eyeliner for this type is grape, dark graphite, silver smoke for a lighter, more neutral look, and forest green.

As for the lips, jasmine pink can be introduced as a neutral, nude color, while reddish brown, burgundy will be a little more intense, but its scarce, somehow transparent application would still look quite natural on “Winters”, although more saturated than Jasmine Pink. Raspberry and cherry will fit “Winters” just as well, but depending on the initial skin hue may stand out too much in some clients, so these last two colors should be used carefully or mixed with other hues.

The right blusher for the Winter type would depend on the skin color as well. Light to medium “winter” skin will be best blushed with cyclamen, while medium to dark will look more natural with something like wild rose color.

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