Massimo Froio: “I really enjoy my work”


Massimo began his adventure as a pioneer in the professional micropigmentation sector more than 25 years ago. Starting out as a long-haired young man with a guitar in one hand and a tattoo machine in the other, Massimo Froio has grown into one of the most important figures in the permanent makeup industry. Today his company Biotek offers the most cutting edge equipment, colors and accessories on the market to professionals all over the world. With more than 40 branch offices in Italy alone, Massimo rules his company with a help of his beloved wife and daughter, making Biotek a family business with people interests at heart.


The Biotek Company was created as a tattoo company. 33-35 years ago permanent makeup simply didn’t exist, there were only tattoos, and I was involved in it. Together with renowned tattoo artists – American Micky Sharpz and English Emile Terra – we created the first in Europe professional Tattoo Association. Some years later a woman from France called Carole Franck, known as a creator of cosmetic products, decided to start micropigmentation, so she asked me if I could make a machine adapted for permanent tattooing for women. “Let’s try”, I said. My knowledge came in useful, and we made a special lightweight machine for PMU. Carole was the first person in Europe who started doing permanent makeup. Then we made pigments that contained minerals. Carole was doing permanent makeup using our products. It became clear very soon that it was going to be popular and important for women, so we continued working with PMU. However, permanent makeup requires enough competence from an artist. When I started working in PMU being used to tattooing, I faced the fact that I need to learn a lot, starting from chemistry. I started studying medicine, chemistry, practiced a lot, worked in England. I was looking for the best ways and the best technologies while constructing machines and developing pigments.

I used to like being a tattooist, too. I was working in a small studio in Milan with my friend and colleague Antonio. I remember how a well-known tattoo artist Marco Forcione redirected clients to us. His tattoos were more like paintings, classic, and when his clients asked him for something modern, for example black and white or gradient images, he would say “Max will do it” – he called me Max. There was a different situation in our business, more about art and less about finances. Tattooists could refuse work and lose money, but they would never do what they personally didn’t like. By the way, I actually don’t have any tattoos on my body now, but I used to.

You can read the full article with Massimo Froio in PMU International Magazine # 3.

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