Medical Tattoing: Nada El-Hoss


Before dedicating herself to permanent makeup Nada studied economics, but the beauty field has always been her passion. She decided to pursue this Art by training in Brussels and Lebanon. Today she carries in her portfolio more than 20 international certificates, most of them from EU and USA.

In 2002 she started her PMU career using the most advanced of German digital equipments.

In 2008 she created Permanent Make Up Clinic by Nada El-Hoss, in 2015 in Brussels maintaining top of the line hygiene standards and no pain practices, she was developing her skills between Beirut and Abu Dhabi.

She started her business with LIPigments in 2008 with distribution for one country, today she contribute in the creation of different colors and structures. She is the exclusive master distributor in more than 72 countries worldwide (EU/ASIA/MIDDLE EAST/N.AFRICA).

Nada is specialized in lips and in particular ethnic lips which is a new undisclosed technique to lighten dark lips.

She also succeeded in camouflaging the skin of burn patients, war victims in the Middle East.


I specialize in lips tattooing, particularly in ethnic lipswhich is the process of lightening the lips and turning them pink or making them look softer and warmer.  If we talk about my favorite procedure, I really love to tattoo burn patients’ skin as this type of treatment is very challenging.

Working with scars and burns is not an easy matter at all. Studying the skin is a must and what we learn during basic PMU trainings is definitely not enough.  When we work on these procedures, we have to be very cautious as all the ‘normal’ i.e. typical parameters are changed. Many artists consider a medical degree to be essential for specialists working with serious skin problems, and I understand why. In my opinion, having at least several years of experience and working closely under the supervision of a doctor/ specialist is a must condition.


I thank God that I never encountered any complications as I was working hand in hand with a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon at that time. The patients were actually their patients that were referred to me, so there was enough medical supervision which was unbelievably helpful.

There are some particularities and technical difficulties in working with burn patient skin pigmentation…

You can read the full article with Nada El-Hoss in PMU International Magazine # 3.

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