Permanent cosmetic procedure on lips

Whether a person wants to have a flawless look at all times or wants to improve the definition of the lips, he/she should have permanent cosmetic procedure on lips. Permanent lip procedure helps to restore the natural color of your lips, repair uneven parts, reshape the lip lines and get the pout effect without fillers. It also ‘structures’ a person’s teeth and determines the attractiveness.

Works of Anna-Florence FERRARIO

The upper lip and lower lip should match and be equally proportioned.  However, the face shape also plays a role in lip design. If the chin is very pointed, an artist should softly round the mouth. Moreover, if there is not much space between the lip and nose, a technician should not draw high points on the lips. Several types of lip procedures are listed below:

full lip color,

full lip augmentation,

redefined lip contour,

blended lip contour.

Full lip color is for people who do not want to apply lipstick all day long and want to save time and money for it.

Full lip augmentation is for ones who have thin or asymmetrical lips, as it can significantly redefine a client’s lip contour. While injectable fillers can change lip shape not proportionally (some celebrities have duck bills instead of cupid’s bows), the cosmetic procedure can give a 100 percent flawless look.

Redefined lip contour is for people who want to have extra pout or fullness without having fillers or Botox.

Blended lip contour is an entry-level treatment giving a more young-looking and defined lip contour.  It will brighten a client’s whole face and enhance the best features all day and night.

Works of Alina Soloveva

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