Permanent Eyelash Enhancement

Permanent Eyelash Enhancement could change the eye shape, hide its minor defects, and lift drooping eyelid corners to make the look more open and expressive.

Permanent makeup does not restrict the use of cosmetics (eyeliner, contour pencils, mascara, eye shadow), but on the contrary, supports it.

Classic eyelash enhancement makeup involves filling the space between the lashes with special pigment.

Thus, the contour should not exceed the lash line. This procedure involves only the upper eyelid or the entire eye cut. Liner is faint in this type of makeup.

Makeup with shading usually has no clear lines and reminds the use an eye shadow with liner.

Contouring technique needs bright liner. The arrow could be both hardly visible and quit bold, starting from the center of the eye or from the inner corner, exceeding or not exceeding the eye.

Almond-shaped eyes are appropriate for all three types, because in this case inner and outer corners are on the same straight line, and the distance between them is equal to the eye length.

If the eyes are close set, the outer corner should be underlined.

Accented inner corner will make wide-set eyes more expressive.

Narrow eyes could be rounded by focusing on the center of the eye.

An arrow on the lower eyelid which does not connect with the arrow on the top increases the eye visually.

Soft shading (primarily gray) could emphasize deep-set eyes.


Work of Olga Smirnova

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