PMU is becoming a real art

Permanent makeup is already considered to be a type of art. However, the origin of this art starts with the very beginning of human history. All world civilizations used different types of tattooing. Age Stone people made efforts to flourish their faces making flower ornaments, animal elements, and various symbols. Tattoos were aimed to express individuality as well as to increase the level of attraction between a man and a woman; therefore it was important in terms of fertility. Tattooed mummies with the age of more than 4000 years were found in Egypt. Ancient Chinese were using different techniques of tattooing for many centuries starting from 1000 BC.


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It is a well-known fact that Japanese women used to decorate their faces; by creating a certain picture, women would show their status and even a number of children. Historical research reveals that the first mention of PMU is dated back to Cleopatra’s reign period.

Modern permanent makeup is closely linked to the USA. In 1891 a man from New York called O’Reilly made a breakthrough in beauty industry by inventing an electric tattooing machine. This invention made a big impact on the further development of tattoo industry. Later the American surgeon Crowell Byrd for the first time in history performed the procedure of tattooing with the use of the machine.

The term “permanent makeup’ was used for the first time in the USA and Taiwan; in Europe this term started to gain its popularity in 1984. Sometimes, the term PMU coincides with the term “micropigmentation” which is commonly used along with other terms: cosmetic tattoo, permanent, dermal pigmentation. For example, Spanish specialists prefer to say “microimplantation of pigments”.

PMU is a significant direction in cosmetology. Permanent makeup may be natural or decorative, depending on the client’s needs. Natural PMU only emphasizes facial features. As for decorative PMU, it creates the same effect as decorative cosmetics. The process of shaping and coloring is really long and rather painful.


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There are some public organizations that regulate the PMU direction. The most authorized are:

American Academy of  Micropigmentation;

Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals;

Spanish Association of Micropigmentation;

International League of permanent makeup;

Permanent Cosmetics Association of South Africa;

Australasian Cosmetic Tattoo Association.

Permanent makeup is becoming more and more popular year by year. The history of PMU is based on the eternal pursuit of excellence.

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