PMU International Magazine № 3

$ 30.00

Special offer! Random Lips Color Palette or Eyebrows Shape Table from PMU SOLO Academy with each order!

Get the giant 3rd issue of PMU International Magazine right now!

Inside you will find:

  • Special Project: “How it all started”, starring: Dawn Cragg, Linda Dixon, Massimo Froio, Cristiana Causo, Joyce Cirasuola & Robin Pels;
  • Special Project: “Medical Tattoo”, starring: Andrea Darby, Tim Cox, Nada El-Hoss, Sharon Vanunu Vann & Agnieszka Zapała;
  • Exclusives with Anna Dermo, Larisa Volkova, Valentina Tecchio, Joanne Hinh, Irina Maximova, Linda Paradis, Mayya Timchenko, ;
  • “Gallery of Artists” featuring Maud Ravier, Toni Belfatto, Julia Vinner, Elena Nikora & Yevgenia Aytas;
  • Useful articles about PMU equipmentpigments and a lot more.

+ you will receive a ​DVD with master classes by Debbie Clifford & Maud Ravier!


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