Rebecca Chung – Hong Kong PrincessBrows


Rebecca Chung is an international permanent makeup trainer with a degree in fine art.

In 2010 she created her own manual technique called “Microblading technique”.

In 2011, Rebecca opened her first permanent makeup salon «PrincessBrows» in the Hong Kong Central district; then in 2013 she started her new project «PrincessBrows Semi permanent makeup Training Academy».

Rebecca is an official distributor of IPM micro pigmentation in Asia as well as a speaker at various worldwide permanent makeup conferences in Russia and some European countries.

She was the first one to create a manual hairline tattooing technique and manual lashes tattooing (2013).

In 2014, due to a very high level of professionalism, she became a «Biotek Quality Ambassador».

In 2015 Rebecca created her permanent makeup machine, which was then manufactured in Germany, and launched her first series of pigments, manual tools and other products for permanent makeup.


We met Miss Chung during her visit to Moscow and had a conversation regarding permanent makeup in an informal environment.

-How long have you been doing permanent makeup?

– I’ve been doing permanent makeup for approximately 6 years.

– And what about microblading?

– I started to perform microblading 5 years ago.

– What did you do before you became a permanent makeup artist?

– I was a professional concert pianist. After my pregnancy I wasn’t able to work, because I needed to travel to perform my music. So I had to stop doing my job, because I was feeling very weak and I had to look after my baby for 1 year, and after that I learned how to do permanent makeup, so this is how I started.

You can read the full interview with Rebecca Chung in PMU International Magazine # 2.

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