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With PMU International Magazine you can just create! Because your job is a genuine art. The art of making beauty. Your highly artistic occupation helps people to forget about imperfections and be beautiful after a sleepless night and difficult negotiations; despite stress, mood swings and shortage of time.

Permanent makeup is a technology that was known since Ancient Egypt, China, and Polynesia. Moreover, the tattoo marks on the body of mummy Ötzi let us make a suggestion, that  Europeans knew dermapigmentation long before the Age of  Discoveries, when the sailormen brought this fashion trend from exotic shores. Today permanent makeup is an evolving field of the beauty industry.

Maybe it sounds a bit pretentious but our mission is great – to improve artists’ skills and to make people beautiful. We are sure, that knowing that you are nice can increase one’s self esteem and make people happier.

Our editors and journalists do their best to make PMU Magazine informative and inspirational for you. We raise professional questions and problems; present solutions and essential knowledge about new products. Our readers are able to watch the photos of talented and experienced  artists’ works. The magazine also includes a DVD with video master classes.

PMU International magazine is your trusted source of information in the world of permanent makeup.


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