The Nano Mania

Lately we saw a phenomenon of artists using all kind of very tiny needles such as 1 Micro, 1 Point  and Nano needles…

The latter ones are the smallest!

What are those Nano needles?

We went around the world for you and talked with professional artists on this issue.

One of the famous artists who work with the Nano is Selen Shenalp, she is making a Nano master classes all over the world. Let’s have a few words with her.

By Sharon Vanunu Vann


Selen Shenalp

 Hello Selen, what can you tell us about the Nano needle?

Selen: Nano needle is currently the most innovative, technologically advanced permanent makeup tool for imitating fine strokes for permanent makeup eyebrow procedure.

It is 0.20-0.25 in diameter. Not only it is a very fine needle but the taper which is the cutting edge of the needle is long, thus enabling to apply pigment with precision.

Nano needle has been brought on the market to make it possible to achieve very fine lines on the skin to imitate fine hair strokes. One needs to know how to adjust the parameters of the machine and the needle length to achieve optimum results.

Nano needle needs expertise and patience to work with. Artist needs to know how to implant the pigment with great precision to the correct layer of the skin without causing trauma to the skin.

____-_____-1– Can it be used on any skin type?

Selen: Yes, it can be used on any skin type, considering the permanent makeup specialist knows how different skin types react and implant the pigment accordingly.

– How does the fine hair strokes heal with the Nano needle?

Selen: The healed results will depend entirely on the skin type, considering the specialist have done everything correct while implanting the pigment. While we can achieve very fine hair strokes on some skin types like young, dry with tight pores, the lines may heal to a powder effect on other skin types like very oily with big pores, for example. The permanent makeup specialist should know what the outcome will be and consult the client accordingly. I have been using the Nano needle ever since it has come on the market and also I have been training students internationally how to use the Nano needle.


On the other hand, while talking to other professional artists like Vered Zavaro we’ve heard different opinions. Vered Zavaro is well-known artist in Israel, she uses Elite Purebeau and claims that no matter the angle she uses or pressure …the Nano needle hurts her patient tissue and also don’t affects pigment application as well.

But this leads me to the summary.

With the years, as a professional permanent makeup artists, we’re picking up all sorts of habits, those of us who first starts with the “rigid needle” of ‘Mt.derm’ or ‘Purebeau’ type (the classic one) – will always seek to feel that strong feeling.

Other artists who have started working with the flexi needles like ‘Long-Time Liner’ has to offer or ‘NPM’, they might feel better with the Nano.

The use of Nano is probably not a matter of being more professional or less, but it seems to be a matter of preference.

You can love the Nano or hate it – one thing is for sure – you cannot ignore it!


Healed work done by expert Miriam Grice – UK

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