To refuse or not to refuse?

To be professional means to be perfect in details. Any professional has his/her own position and shows it clearly. It concerns a permanent makeup artists, too. Obviously, when an artist starts working, his/her priorities are earning money and creating a list of clients. However, sometimes beginners are feeling uncomfortable while refusing a client because of medical conditions. Psychology is the only key to the problem.


Beginners in this respect are completely different from qualified permanent makeup artists. Of course, every PMU artist must be a client-oriented specialist; having medical education would be a great bonus. Nevertheless, beginners are always ready to learn new skills and acquire new knowledge, whereas professionals may sometimes take things for granted, with a growing possibility of making mistakes as a result.

Therefore, PMU specialists should always take into account that there are some conditions which can cause contraindications to the procedure of permanent makeup. Those can be:

– irritated skin

– infected skin

– eczema

– psoriasis

– severe solar keratosis

– open wounds & sores

– herpes

– any chronic illnesses in the exacerbation period.

The important thing is that a client must follow the recommendations of the permanent makeup artist.

That is why a professional artist is always confident that the decision he/she is making is correct.

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