Victoria Ammoscato speaks about Micro-Needling

In this exclusive article we have asked Victoria Ammoscato to tell us about

Micro-Needling procedure.

victoria-v-stat-yu-s-zhurnalomMicro-needling is one of the hottest cosmetic treatments that exist nowadays.

The basic idea behind it is to stimulate the production of new collagen, using the skin’s ability to heal itself by puncturing the dermis in different levels of depth with microscopic needles. Such procedure triggers the production of new collagen.

Many permanent makeup technicians can do it only by changing the heads of their permanent makeup machines to “micro-needling” heads, but, of course, you may choose to use a machine suitable only for this particular goal or you can use a roller.

No matter what you choose, we highly recommend adding this amazing treatment to your clinic.

To get more information about this issue, I spoke about micro-needling with the Italian expert Victoria Ammoscato.

Interview and article by Sharon Vann.

– Hi Victoria, can you tell us what the name “Micro-needling” means?

– It means “Collagen Induction Therapy”, Induction is the process or action of bringing about or giving rise to something, in this case enabling the regeneration of healthy collagen. It’s the use of micro needles to penetrate the skin surface and stimulate a natural production of healthy collagen. We control the damage: microscopic perforations within the skins layers are triggering the wound healing process and subsequent healthy production of collagen.

– Can you tell us how does this process works?

– The skin encounters an injury, which triggers the wound healing response. The basics of the wound healing response works in these steps:

– What is going on under the tissue surface?

– Many great things happens to our skin such as effective stimulation of cellular regeneration:

  • Collagen; stimulates fibroblasts action resulting in the production of healthy collagen;
  • Elastin; stimulates elastin production resulting in tighter more elastic skin;
  • Keratin; promotes kerotinocyte action resulting in a healthy stronger barrier function;
  • Melanin; promotes healthy balance in production, can stimulate new production.

– Whilst I have found micro-needling the most effective treatment in my hands as an aesthetician, its results can be further amplified by using it alongside other treatments as a combination program for rejuvenation with peeling, electro therapy, LED phototherapy, massage techniques which when applied at the correct timescale can provide really great result.

– What color of LED do you mainly use and for what reason?

– I mainly use Red (stimulating collagen), but also for anti-inflammation effect, I am about to purchase a new light that also has combined light, for example, red – blue = violet.

LED can be used directly after procedure. About a week later I ask clients to return so I could check the skin and sometimes perform a light peel (enzymatic) to aid light exfoliation; my peel also contains nutrients. I then apply a mask of growth factors with a peeling Argilla mask on top, this encourages proliferation, aiding with a good environment for cell growth.

Lymph drainage can also be applied directly after, as it helps to reduce inflammation.


3-case-1Victoria Ammoscato brought us a few examples of medical tattoo cases and its beautiful results.

Case 1

Tattoo simulation of Areola for the improvement of the appearance of scar tissue post full mastectomy.

Fitzpatrick scale type II.

Collagen stimulation  treatment is used on stretch marks and scar relaxation with traditional MCA application method.

Results are seen after one treatment

Case 2

General skin improvement.

Fitzpatrick scale type III.

Collagen stimulation treatment improves general skin condition and density, tone and appearance of pigmentation and scarring. Method used: combination of roller and MCA.

Results are seen after one treatment:


Case 3

Improvement to the eye area.

Fitzpatrick scale type II.

Collagen stimulation treatment improves general skin condition and skin density, tone and the appearance of pigmentation and scarring. Method used combination of roller and MCA.

Results are seen after one treatment:


Case 4

Improvement to pigmentation and broken capillaries

Fitzpatrick scale type III

Collagen stimulation treatment improves general skin condition and barrier function and reduces appearance of pigmentation and broken capillaries. Method includes roller use.

Results are seen after one treatment:


Case 5

Improvement to atrophic scar and broken capillaries.

Fitzpatrick scale type III.

Collagen stimulation treatment improves general skin condition and appearance of scarring. Method: combination of fraction and MCA.

Results are seen after 2 treatments:


Case 6

Improvement to hypertrophic scar tissue; Fitz IIII.

Collagen stimulation treatment improves general skin condition and appearance of scarring in preparation for application of scar camouflage with pigment. Method used: MCA.

Results are seen after 3 treatments:


– In micro-needling there are two approaches the gentle and the aggressive one. Can you tell us please which one you prefer and why?

– Yes of course. I definitely prefer the gentle approach for many reasons:

  • It creates less trauma.
  • It diminishes risks of complications.
  • It gives faster healing with a shorter inflammation period.

– What can be the risks of getting too dip into the dermis tissue?

– Well, risks might be: scarring, allergic reaction, poor results, hyperpigmentation, Infection.


We thank Victoria for sharing her experience with our readers!

Special thanks to M.D.Moti Liran for providing illustrations and information for this article.

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