Why do people come to a PMU artist?

We start a series of materials devoted to the psychology of communication with customers. Let’s begin with a simple question – why do people come to an artist? – The answer will simplify the task of an artist, who can use great social and psychological skills to achieve business success. It will help to understand client’s motivations and objections.

People appeal to you due to something, that psychologists call “needs”, – an emotionally charged desires. Its satisfaction is achieved with positive emotions. The appeal to beauty industry is defined by the subjective component of these needs; i.e., the subject creates the needs; they depend on the client’s individuality and are evaluated by client himself.


Alan Spadone at work

Client’s motivation can be the maintaining of social status, the implementation of other psychological functions (e.g., increasing self-esteem), as well as something more profound, like beauty ritual which is associated with the expectation of a “magical” transformation. People expect that external transformation will bring changes in their lives.

A customer comes to an artist in PCU industry to buy his/her “Self” or to satisfy his/her ego. Strangely enough, eventually, they get this “Self” that they desire. Surprised? Let’s consider how this works from the point of view of the psychological characteristics. Humans live in societies, but an individual can be implemented only in dialogue, in comparison.  “Self” can only be realized when there is “no-Self”.

“Self – concept” is a complicated structure, it consists of real and ideal self-image, the image of the body etc. This is a real product throughout the beauty industry. Oddly enough, the person can’t always see the outer “Self” (the real one and not some features set in the mirror); he needs help from an artist and expects this “Self” to be created and sold to him. In truth, we are not always sure if we are really good-looking.

If you are interested in a topic of psychological issues of communication with your clients, you can also read an article “Psychological Personality Types of Clients” in PMU Magazine №1. The article is written by Victoria Tomashivskaya, a world-class specialist in dermal pigmentation.

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