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At the age of ten Alisson was already interested in the tattoo, and started with some drawings. He was impressed early on with this, and when a festive date came, he asked his godmother Denise Paes for a henna tattoo kit. With the gift in hand, Alisson started to gain fame in the neighborhood; all the friends wanted a henna tattoo. Two years later, he had contact with some tattoo artists from Curitiba, and his godmother, seeing this, asked Alisson’s parents to consent to a course of micropigmentation. He has fallen in love with this profession on first sight.

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How long have you been performing permanent makeup procedures? Do you work with clients directly now or are you concentrated on something else?

I have been doing procedures for 14 years. Currently my course schedule does not let me focus so much on procedures, so there are few that I do.

Were there any other specialties resembling permanent makeup in some form in your earlier practice? Tattoo or medical/cosmetic services maybe?

PMU’s art comes from the tattoo, and it was through the tattoo itself that I met the PMU.

Are there any peculiarities of doing permanent makeup in your country? What is more popular among your clients?

The wire-to-wire eyebrow is always the most requested. We have many good techniques on the market today, but still wire-to-wire, being similar to natural, is the most requested.

There are many different opinions on PMU regulations by government across the World. How things are in your country in this regard?

Here in Brazil legislation is under way; we already have some guidelines regarding the safety of the client, the materials, the environment. We believe that in the near future we will have well-defined laws that will protect the profession, as well as our customers and the environment.

Do you yourself consider PMU procedure a medical procedure or not? Do you think that international standards should be established worldwide somehow?

I don’t fully consider it as a medical procedure, but I believe that biosafety standards should be practiced everywhere the PMU procedure is performed. That is ensuring safety for me, my client and also the environment where we are inserted.

Let’s talk about your company Haut Medical. Could you tell our readers more about its origin?

Haut Medical is the first line of dermocosmetics developed for micropigmentation. It emerged in late 2014 in a conversation with my brother-in-law Ezequiel Crimininacio, who is a pharmacist, to meet the need I had in my work. Today we are in an exponential growth and it makes me proud to be able to promote this for the profession; the expectations are the best for the national market and we have many plans for the international market as well.

The line promotes the control of pigment expansion in the skin and greater durability and less aggression to the client receiving the procedure. The Haut Medical line consists of 4 products. Step 1 is the Facial Preparatory, which is used before beginning the procedure. Step 2 is the Tonico Facial, used during the procedure, acts directly in the initial processes of inflammation, ensuring aspects indispensable for the durability of the procedure. The 3rd step is the protective gel for micropigmentation, which in conjunction with Step 2 works on the activation of collagen synthesis that helps skin regeneration and provides protection with the protective film that promotes its formulation. The 4th step is Home Care, which the client uses in sequence for seven days, going from three to four times per day. The benefits of using this line are many because all of this has been developed based on extracts and specific essential oils that promote these improvements in procedures.

How has your company changed since its creation up until today?

Every day we learn more, and the company has grown in many ways. In relation to customers, we are very grateful to those who trust in our quality and who purchase our products repeatedly. In relation to the personnel involved, our employees and members increase. We are developing every day, testing new technologies and raw materials for future products.

It says on your official website, that Haut Medical makes sure to avoid animal testing  while making emphasis on natural components. Are these your personal life principles, or corporate policies suitable for the market, or is it both?

We seek to fulfill the legal requirements needed in Brazil for the development of our products, which are sustainable and of less impact to the environment. The choice for natural components was made specifically for the effects that the essential oils promote and result that they provide. Seeking quality and safety is our focus!

Do you work on pigments or any equipment lines?

We have projects that are in development for the pigments and the line of equipment. I am very critical and this instigates me to understand and try to discover models and formulas that meet our needs of micropigmentation best.

We know that you also lead and own Hautlinie academy. Tell us more about its operations, please. Do you have especially designed training programs?

The academy appeared because many professionals insisted on me teaching courses; I started the activities in 2013, and since then we set the example in the field of education. I learn a lot with my students, and this experience helps to develop novelties for this branch. Our courses range from basic to specializations in various areas such as eyebrows, eyes, lips, areolas, correction by camouflage, capillary, among others. We have a technique developed with a pedagogical method based on how long it would take to train a professional, and today we have one of the most effective courses in the country, and this is seen in the works of our students.

Work by Alisson Paes Schuster

Work by Alisson Paes Schuster

You are also known for your techniques Rainbow Camouflage Technique and HDFL (High Definition Full Lips). When and how have you developed those? What’s their specifics?

As I said before, everything I develop is a deficiency that becomes my need and so, through studies developed by the chemistry of pigments and colorimetry, camouflage was born, a technique that I use for correction of old procedures or that fix some error. The HDFL came about because of the passion this provides for lip procedure and for seeing how women like to have definite lips; a technique that grows a lot here in our country, and I’m very happy for it.

Do you teach those techniques at your academy?

Yes, both techniques are used in our academy. The classes are always crowded, and we have practice on models, as this increases the quality of our courses even more.

Do you work on something new right now?

Well, I am always researching, studying and developing something; at this moment I am focused on finishing some projects that soon everyone will know about.

Work by Alisson Paes Schuster

We know that you participate in many conferences. What was the most exciting PMU related event that you’ve attended?

Classifying which was the most interesting is difficult. All events show a lot of news from the world of micropigmentation, and this is what is interesting because it becomes an exchange of information between different professionals and ends in building up additional experience. The Biotek Italian PMU Championship marked my first world premiere; it was a no-brainer emotion. The other year, in 2016, I’ve encouraged myself and went to the Worldwide Eyebrow Festival and I knew that I would get in a good rating as I had prepared myself, and surprisingly I won and took the 1st place. I am very grateful for all these awards and prestige.

Have you ever thought about organizing your own event of some sort?

No, I think maybe in the future we can develop some event. Today, Haut Medical will sponsor the first PMU Brasil Oscar, made by Denise Paes of Fine Art Maquiagem, an event that will bring many new features to Brazil and will present championships that will value professionals in the area of ​​micropigmentation in a very dynamic way.

What advice can you give to beginner artists?

I always say we can develop our best, and for this training dedication is everything. I believe that if I have a goal, I can achieve it. I advise you to strive for the same.

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